Objective needs to be separate from slayer

Seriously. I bought this game so I can get the good old objective games that were so missing in halo 4. And there they are! Ready to play! But somehow these try hards only vote for team br. Omg it’s driving me crazy. 4 hrs of slayer with the hopes that one time these try hard kids will pick flag or bomb or ball. They never do. Boooooring!!

Please separate the playlists so we can enjoy some flag games.

We desperately need an objective playlist.

I made a thread about this too. I still havent play 1game of objectives (Halo 4 objectives were fine)

I would enjoy a Team objective playlist-make it a mix of the 4 Halos (with as little h4 as possible)

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> I made a thread about this too. I still havent play 1game of objectives (Halo 4 objectives were fine)

Yea they were ok. But one side flag…how I missed it. And bomb. One side bomb. Aaaaah. Some variety is great. Why do try hards love the repetitiveness of slayer?

I’m up for partying up with people if you guys promise to vote for an objective gametype.

The explanation is that most people are going to pick the simplest gametype, and Halo’s core design for most people when they buy it is: Kill Aliens. Guns + Guy = Kill. Slayer is kill. Flag is complicated.

Kill people it is.

But yes i’m serious about the partying up if anybody would like to try searching for CTF or Oddball. Hell, even King.

My vote is for an objective playlist too. It’s pretty tiring to go into Halo 2, Halo 3 and BTB and have nothing but slayer. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with it… but I’d very much like some variety. There’s even a Team Slayer specific playlist, so I am not understanding why Team Objective cannot be a thing either…

There is a pretty big thread about it here…


I also find it amazing that they can have multiple slayer playlists then basically allow every other playlist to be slayer thanks for voting. There’s nowhere for Objective players to go, and even though were the minority, it’s still a pretty sizeable minority and a significant amount of players you don’t want to lose.

I just don’t get why they let the majority dictate to the minority. Allow everyone to enjoy what they want to enjoy.

I’m all for objective games. I’m sick of slayer.

I want an objective playlist for a different reason, i dont mind playing a mix of objective and slayer but when it’s an objective game, no one seems to want to go for the objective (doesnt matter if its flag,ball etc people just go for kills). I’d be better off playing Slayer and Objective in separate playlists so at least in the objective playlist people will (hopefully) try to go for the objective.

I have been saying this from the beginning! Why the -Yoink- are the two combined!

Blows my mind that I’ve played 3 objective games and KoH was the only one that everyone stayed.