Objective in Individual-Based CSR Playllists

I’ve noticed that a few of the individual skill-based CSR playlists contain objective game types (Team Action Sack and the Champions DLC for example). Was this an overlooked mistake on the part of 343’s matchmaking team?

Obviously in an objective game type an individual’s contribution to a team doesn’t always translate well into individual stats, so any playlist containing objective game-types should really have a team-based CSR.

Any news on when/if this will be fixed/changed? Thoughts?

Action Sack and Champion’s DLC are completely noncompetitive mixes of Objective and Slayer gametypes, so it makes sense to me. I’m sure when Ricochet is released as its own playlist, it will have team-based CSR.

Individual CSR is determined base on score, not K/D, so players who contributed to objectives will still have a decent score.

Even if it isn’t a perfect system, it will still even out very close to the players’ skill.

I wish CSR weren’t in Action Sack at all.

In a perfect world, it would have been cleaner to have a social / ranked split (I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir, so apologies in advance) and have all team games be W/L based, while FFAs were score based. And social playlists (Action Sack, Regicide when it existed, etc.) should have no visible rank at all.