Objective charge up melee

In the tech preview and IGN gameplay reveal we can see that objective melee is a two-shot kill, what do you guys think about changing it to an one second charge up melee that one-shots a player, but needs to be planned ahead. Not charging results in the same damage it has now,

would be amazing to outplay players that are sprinting around corners to kill the objective holder.

Ehh that’s a unique take but you have to remember that we can change settings like this to where it’s one hit kills. Also somewhat ignores that we can just drop the objective, throw a grenade and shoot a few bullets.

Interesting idea nonetheless.

I don’t see, why not have both? Yeah settings can be changed, but 343 seems adamant on not having the 1 hit melee on objectives. Heck, they even kept the Flagnum over the 1HM. And yes you can drop the objective to shoot back, but that’s not always a good idea. If the clock is low, and you need every second to win/tie, then you can’t risk dropping the ball.

The Flagnum isn’t in Infinite though. As for having both, sure why not but why? Having multiple solutions isn’t always the best idea as it crowds the sandbox. This is also something very much an aesthetical change to justify a mechanic we can swith on or off in settings.