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so for what feels like Days now the game has experience a constant cutoff from Reqs, points, packs, menus, and customization in any way. This is the same for both arena and Warzone, the only one not plagued by all this is campaign because it doesn’t require you to be online.
I officially give up playing, it’s too difficult without these things. I have tried resetting my connection and nothing helps for longer than a match. Other games that connect to XBL work fine, Destiny (the REAL test of Internet connection) works fine, if I played anymore id go back to that. But no I want to be able to enjoy the options given to me in Halo 5.

ive had exactly the same issues, Zalrohg, then today (about 1 hr ago) i logged in and all my lvls, reqs, commendations and stats have been reset to zero. I have about 75% of all collectables and the same percentage of commendations. Im assuming this is a server problem so im not gonna panic right now, but if this turns out to be irreversible, I will sadly end my 10 years love affair with the Halo franchaise

Is it me or did you already post something like this about an hour ago?

I have this problem as well and it’s been really bad the last few days. So frustrating not being able to access reqs or seeing stats. Hard booting and resetting build doesn’t help me like it does some others.

Same problem. Started a couple of days ago with the Xbox Live outages. I’ve reset my connection, the console, did NATchecks, pingtests, speedtests. In other words, it’s not me, it’s you 343. Fix it.