\\\\NVII//// hybrid clan for all players

.Naval Vice Intelligence Inquisition.

Become your spartan (nonrp):
Hone your skill in custom games via events designed by the master forgers and leaders of the clan.

Become a leader: NVII is looking for directors who are event managers, designers, fireteam builders, future clan leaders. Work closly with Master forgers, and captains to guide and better the clan.

Become a master forger: if you love building maps and working on designing a custom games type than become a forger to help Spartans practice and become the spartans they need to be.

Become a captain: do you want to be a director but don’t want all the stress of managing events and maps, than become a Captain and assist the directors in keeping peace, shuting down toxic behavior, and keep the clan united.

Become a Spartan: Spartans of NVII have no armor restrictions, nor any time wasted in custom games. You’ll work hard to practice wepons and tactics by competing in custom games. Based off your performance and activity, you’ll be placed in 1 of three ranks. Spartan 2s hold a high place and are the most skilled players, spartan 3s are the average skilled or standard activity, spartan 4s are new or least active members.

We have a clan emblem and tag but you choose how to represent yourself on the battle field. We encourage a positive environment for people to train and ready for clan events or PVP.

Rather competitive or not, you can find a fun and positive environment, where we encourage people to work together and condemn toxic behaviors. At NVII we believe you have the right to play and play good.

And for those who enjoy Halo rp, we have a division specifically designed just for you, and more.

Join now and Become your spartan

Discord: Silverjack97#4739
Xbox: SIIverJACK97 (sllverjack97)
Or message me here in the reply section or my DMs