Numerous Warzone Issues

Warzone has been up and running for quite some time now yet many issues have persisted since launch.

Warzone disconnects: Since launch I have probably rubber banded then disconnected nearly 50 times. This has costs who knows how many boosts, kill commendation progress, REQs, REQ points and my time/patience.

REQless Warzones: This issue is less common now but still pops up from time to time. It isn’t too bad when everyone is REQless, but it is infuriating when only an handful of people do or don’t have access to REQs.

REQ lag: I have never had a smooth experience at a REQ station. It always takes a second or so for things to load, and the input is always lagging. Considering that the REQ system is the foundation of Warzone and the big money maker, you’d think this issue would have been addressed immediately. The UI in this game isn’t great to begin with and every part of interacting with the REQ system is unpleasant. Buying REQs, selecting boosts, customization, using REQ stations and getting post game data are all slow.

Just for a little context two of my last three Warzone games ended with me rubberband loading to Warzone Playlist. Both of those two games were at Warden Eternal and I happened to be playing pretty well (not always, even rarely the case). I also burnt a purple RP boost. In fact the last two Warzones I was able to finish were games I JIPed into. These games happened over the course of a couple days too. I tend to say -Yoink- it after playing a ghost game and take a break.

For the record I love the MP in this game. There are a lot of great things about Warzone but the REQ issues and disconnects also make it frustrating at times.

Edit: make that three of my last four Warzone games from 28 FEB through today 01 MAR
Update: Played two more Warzone games, both games I got JIPed into and both were massive losses. Also the last game reminded me of yet another common Warzone problem, retrieving data after a game and not being able to back out of the lobby. Halo has been an aggravating experience lately.