Numerous and Blatant Cheaters

After yet another match with a <0.5 K/D ratio, I went to back to watch my last few PvP games from other perspectives in Theater. Maybe the more successful players had some tricks I could learn from. Turns out that the first and best trick is to just hack the game. I went through several games and EVERY player with a K/D ratio over about 1.5 was using obvious cheats. The most common is aimbots: the game registers damaging hits even when the target is completely outside the reticle. Sometimes this was subtle, like registering anything within a head’s width of the actual target as a hit, but other players were scoring hits when aiming over two shoulder-widths away from the target they killed. Other hacks get more elaborate: one player literally didn’t die when he ran out of health, and stayed immortal for most of the match. He only started dying in the last third after he turned off the cheat, presumably in an attempt to not be too obvious, but not before achieving a Rampage medal. This same guy was also using an aimbot and had hacked his map to always show enemy players, even when they weren’t firing, sprinting, or using abilities. I haven’t reviewed every player in every game, but I’ve had similar experiences in almost every match, which indicates that such common and elaborate cheating is not restricted to only a few isolated instances.

I’m actually impressed that so many people have come up with such effective hacks within a week of the game going live. But I’m even more infuriated by 343i for releasing a game which permits such abuse. I could reporting cheating, but then I’d be spending more time filing tickets than actually playing. 343i is clearly unwilling or unable to stop numerous malicious players entering and exploiting the game at will. I’m fine with losing a game because I was outplayed and need to git gud, but I’m not going to waste time in a game where the winner is just whoever downloaded the best hacks.

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Fix this -Yoink!- or I wont play anymore it is that simple

Keep in mind that the theatre is completely broken and bugged. I wouldn’t rely on it for calling someone out cheating.