Number of xp boosts and swaps accumulated

I’ve pretty much just been stockpiling the double xp boosts and swaps from battle pass, perks, QR codes etc. I use them periodically but have 78 boosts and 120 challenge swaps saved. I feel like that’s a lot but am positive ppl have probably triple those numbers. So how many does everyone else have?

I have 64 2XPs and 45 swaps - that’s all from perks, battlepasses and apology gifts from 343 - no QR codes.

I used 2XPs every day during S1 and S2 too.

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I simply just don’t bother even using xp boosts, not really been a point to them with the seasons having been so long, challenge swaps iv’e used sometimes.

Even when seasons go to every 3 months, I’ll probably only use them if I haven’t had chance to play enough to reach 100

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I don’t really use them a whole lot so I have accumulated about as much as you. Typically I don’t use them until towards the end of the season if I haven’t had enough time to get through the full pass yet. I’ve honestly been using them even less because of how little the challenges give out now because I would only use them early in a season if I saw a large number of high XP rewarding challenges or during events.

Right now I have 62 xp boosts and 79 swaps. And I’m pretty sure all of those have just come from the passes and maybe some from game pass ultimate. It’s definitely less than what you have, but I also haven’t been turning in any codes for extra swaps and XP boosts. So that could easily be where the difference is coming from.

As I think more about not using the XP boost because the challenges payout less, that’s probably not a good idea on my part. Frequently in the last two seasons I would save up those boosts for when we had an event or challenges with high XP rewards so I can get massive quick drops of XP from playing a few games. I would also typically stop playing after about 30 minutes because that’s all I really had time for or I got the challenges I wanted to get done. Now that we’re constantly getting at least 150 per game plus 500 for the first game you play in a day. If you can manage at least an hour to completely utilize the XP boost you’ll probably get so much more XP than what we did previously. Probably not like you know two times the amount but maybe like a 30% increase.

I am 1100 XP away from finishing the Winter Update BP and I only used one boost the first day. You really don’t need to use them until there’s a bigger reason to collect XP.

I have 65xDouble XP Boost and 102 Challenge Swaps cause I don’t really ever have issues finishing my assigned Challenges.

I got so many Rumble Pit challenges last season that I probably burned like 20 during the last 2 months of season 2. Half the challenges for the last week of season 2 we’re for Rumble Pit. I didn’t need to complete any challenges that week because I had already finished the pass, but if I hadn’t then I would’ve been so upset and probably wouldn’t have played at all.