Number of campaign missions?

  1. Typically, it’s been traditional to span the campaign over about 10 missions, with the exception of Halo 2 (which was longer!). How many are we looking at for Halo 4?!

  2. Are you trying to confuse the buhalos out of us with the Didact’s symbol or something? I originally had a firm bet on Precursors being the “Ancient Evil” but now I’ve tossed the Master Builder AND Didact into the suspect bucket! Thank you bs angel!

Hopefully 15 or 20.

I don’t really care how many missions there are, so long as the campaign is something like 15 hours long

I want 10 long missions or 12 decent sized ones

Please get the mentality that Halo 2 was “longer” in terms of time. Please, I can’t even, I played it back then and I played it between now and I still play it now and it is NOT the longest campaign. Rips hair out

Also it’s so enclosed that even if it was it wouldn’t matter.

Anyway from 9-11 maps