Number guessing contest!

I saw a very generous member do this kind of thing and they gave away 138 DXP codes, so I apologize to him/her if they are disgusted at my mini-plagiarism. I won’t give anything away this first time in case no one responds, but I’ll think about it in the future. Here it goes:


  1. Whole number between (not including) 7777 and 15000
  2. Is an odd number
  3. Does not end in 3 or 7


  1. Only one guess per member
  2. Any edited post will be disregarded
  3. Please do not be off topic.

I will check this thread somewhat often, and it will end at <mark>12 PM CST (US) on Sunday, January 20th</mark>. If I can’t check this at the end time, I will just use the times on the last post to determine it. In this scenario, there would have to be a 1hr grace time if I get to it after 1 PM. If no one guesses it, then the person who is closet wins. What do they win, you ask? Well, nothing, this is just for fun. A social experiment, if you will. Happy guessing!

EDIT: Contest Over




OK, this was kind of a failure (number of people who guessed-wise), but I shall stay true to my word. Sorry, HurryingCandy, but it would be unfair to bypass my time rules, so I guess Floozys wins! The number was 12781. Thanks to the 3 who participated!

I win (: