Nuke Town 2016 (Halo 5 Forged Map)

I have just finished a forge map based off of the well known Call of Duty Black Ops 1, 2, and 3 map “Nuketown”. Check out the Gamer Tag Bill Will Kill6 for my brand new Nuke Town 2016 Halo 5 forge map release. Please send comments and feedback to either the Gamer Tag Bill Will Kill6 or to Halo Waypoint at Bill Will Kill6. The Slayer game types are recommended for fair gameplay. Also, a good amount of players make for an intense game. However, if you desire to settle a dispute then 1v1 is also compatible with this map. Tell me what you think, enjoy fellas

A screenshot would be ok

YouTube video on a walkthrough I made.
Have a look. I would appreciate it.