Hey Guys!

am apart of a gaming community known as NFG. (NuclearFusionGaming)

We host Activities 6 days week on Halo: Reach. Soon we will have multiple

Teams for just about anybody. The forge team, News team for the website,

cutthroat team, and a SWAT team.

We are very well organized for an off the ropes community.

We have a system of higher up decision making that we use to thoroughly

think and decide about any upcoming problems or events to make sure there are

no errors. we call this The Council.

There is much more to our community that I haven’t put in this message. I encourage

anybody that’s interested in our community to send a message via XBOX Live to NFG Darko,

FTG Delta247, FTG ECHO247or FTG Alpha.

Thank You!

n’t forget to check out our website