Nswc recruitement

Naval Special Warfare Command - Recruitment
Naval Special Warfare Command is Open for Recruitment on Halo MCC. Founded as far back as 2011. Naval Special Warfare Command is a UNSC Clan that focuses on the standard of our members by putting quality and dedication over quantity. Marines are 24/7 Open Recruitment. ODSTs have well-organized classes. Spartan Operation Classes are rare due to the length of the classes. Focused on improvement and bringing each other there is always room to improve here at Naval Special Warfare Command.
Below are our requirements and contacts:
Requirements to Join Naval Special Warfare Command:
► Must be able to act maturely.
► Must have/use Discord.
► Must have a working Microphone.
► Must be moderately active.
What to expect from Joining Naval Special Warfare Command:
► Class-Based Training Programs, Clan Events, Training, Stable Clan, & Clan Longevity.

Discord Contact: Jace Higgins#0121 Old Man Gab#9275 Adam Wolff#8871 (edited)


I’m interested in joining, my discord is jfk1963#7337