NsTy Clan - Looking for players

NsTy Inc - Halo 5
Leader: NsTy AMD (Adam(

NsTy Inc is a long time Xbox clan serving multiple games. With my recent addiction to Halo 5 and its awesome multiplayer gameplay, and my pure love for it, I have decided to expand our clan to this game.

My name is Adam and I am 19 year old Computer Science major from Cleveland. I am looking for skilled teammates looking to boost playlist rank, play strong games and most importantly, have a good time doing it.

There are no playlist rank requirements, however I do recommend being at least gold.


  • Headset (ability to call out positions)
  • Determination to do well

There are no age requirements of course. That means no discriminating of younger players.

I look forward to building an awesome Halo section of our clan and hope to be playing with all of you soon!