Now what? (15 characters)

I don’t play THAT much and I’ve just got battle pass 100.
Nothing much to play for until MAY?!
I swear Halo 5 had a longer playability than this.

That’s what happens when people b**** about the XP rates.


Does the customization or unlocks even matter in the face of so few multiplayer features?

Are you saying that the game taking longer to unlock stuff means more gameplay time? That’s like saying a cake should have twice as much frosting so there’s more cake to eat. You’re saying that you wished the game had more padding.


I would have gladly bought this game full with content vs it being f2p. I mean…at this rate I’ll take what I can get…and all I can get is what we currently have unfortunately…

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It’s okay to not have something to work towards in the game. It’s also okay to go and play other games in the meantime until you have something more to work towards. The game will continue to live on and get better as time goes on and that will make the game that much better to jump back into. So as for now what? Now you relax and enjoy other games I suppose or just play Halo to have some fun there.


Were you playing a game you didn’t enjoy this entire time simply for the sake of intangible “rewards”, or were you playing because you enjoyed it?

I mean… you could play just because the game is fun in and of itself?

And you’re saying that because you have nothing to unlock or work towards that you have no reason to play. Pot meet kettle.

I’m not saying that. That’s what I’m saying that the other guy is saying.

Nah you’re good, I’m on mobile and it just quoted the wrong person.

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What did people do in the before times long long ago when Battle Passes didn’t exist?

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