Now they can fly achievement

Looking for someone to help me get the now they can fly achievement

The best way to get it is to stun an enemy warthog on Harvest with a PP, get in the passenger seat, and wait until the drive goes off a jump, then melee him.

Alternatively, in King Of The Hill on Wreckage, camp with camo by the bottom of a grav lift, wait til the hill spawns at top of the plateau, wait for an enemy hog to approach the grav lift, then jump in the side seat and melee the driver. In the latter scenario, do NOT use a plasma pistol.

It doesn’t matter if there is already an enemy passenger, you can just throw them out.

Some drivers will get out if they have an enemy in the passenger seat, but a lot of people driving warthogs are just kids who think that driving is fun and won’t care that they have an enemy along for the ride.