Now the game can Turn off Controller Input?

343, what in the high hell are you guys DOING??? WHY did I get into a ranked match on controller Input…after Just Playing on prior one only to find out that my controller wasnt working. The light was on, it’s plugged in…and it was fine 3 matches ago…but then the one time I get Slayer it decides to not work and because of which I get kicked and will lose so much rank cause of it.

Thanks alot. Appreciate it so much. “It will improve over time” yeah ok. This isn’t the first time this nonsense happened either.

Sounds more like a personal problem than a game problem…

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How is it a personal problem when no other game including the MCC games do this? Hm? Only when Infinite is played.

Just like it’s a personal problem when PC players report crashing and freezing so much in mass right? Hm. Thought so.

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So you lost a game because of a bug, driver problem or whatever. What a pitty.

Can you reproduce it? Does it happen regularly?

Infinite may suck in many many ways but posts like these are pretty childish.

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Didn’t even lose the game. I was kicked. Simply hitting the window key to check headphone settings, click back in the game and boom. Doesn’t register controller. I do the same in MCC and it’s fine.

Childish? Nothing childish pointing out an additional problem among the many problems this “AAA” game already has.

I heard pressing any keys while in a game on controller end up in the controller becoming unresponsive. You don’t want to alt-tab or anything while using controller. This is because of the strict constraints between inputs and them trying to fight people using inputs in modes they weren’t intended for. Originally, keyboard and mouse players were getting aim assist if they had a controller plugged into their systems, this could be their way to try to keep that from happening. Though it is a lazy attempt I’ll admit.

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I’ve had this game make my Xbox disconnect from the controller mid match without a mouse being connected.

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Toda la razón --Yes in Spanish-- xd