Now that you've seen what Forge can do...

What new maps/game modes are you inspired to make?

Personally, the thing that excited me the most was the ‘Character Trait’ fields. The invisible-cloaking field, in particular, stood out to me as having a lot of potential.

Here’s just a few ideas I came up with:

Haunted Hill

Gametype: King of the Hill (FFA)
Players: 8
Summary: Haunted Hill follows the same rules as King of the Hill: Players capture and hold changing areas for points. In Haunted Hill, however, players within the ‘Hill’ will become immediately cloaked.

Ghosts (This gametype will only be possible if Character Trait fields can be attributed to selected players)

Gametype: Infection
Players: 8+
Summary: Ghosts follows similar rules to Infection, however; infected players will have access to zones in which they can become cloaked (Ghosts). When building maps for this gametype, ‘Ghost Zones’ should be placed in areas of strategic and defensive significance (areas where people tend to camp). This is to deter camping, and at the same time, encourage movement throughout ‘Ghost Zones’ by non-infected players.

These are just two silly ideas, with many flaws. Im sure you can all come up with way more impressive and creative ones. So tell me, what are they?

I’m not going to give my ideas away. >:)

I’m planning on remaking two maps that I made in both Halo 3 and Halo Reach. It’ll be great without all the grey objects. :slight_smile:


Map type: Slayer

Players: 8 (Normal Team Slayer map)

Summary: Similar to Blood Gulch from Halo CE but the map will be alot smaller with no vehicles.

In the middle of the map, there will be an ordinance drop location.

If you play Infinity Slayer on this map, the PO will replace normal ordinance (duh…)


Map type: 1 Flag CTF

Players: 16 (BTB map)

Summary: An asymetrical map (offence vs defence). I will make a special gametype to go with it, I’m not going to release too much detail on the gametype but:

The time is shorter than normal
You run faster with the flag (Halo CE style)

I’m not much of a Forger, but I can make ideas.

Note: This is only if trait zones can be made specifically for an entire team, which I think it can… not sure.


Gametype: Infection
Players: 8+
Summary: Infection. It is dark. The map is a somewhat open field, lots of cover but no major places to hold out. Humans spawn with shotguns only, and have Promethean Vision. The map is covered in a cloaking trait zone, set for Zombies only. Zombies have swords. Zombies advance with cloak, Humans must use PV to see the Zombies before they strike (Considering if cloaked people can be seen with PV).

The possibilities the new Forge World aesthetics and player trait zones offer to Monster Trucks are too numerous to list, but I’m sure you can imagine.

Hehe , everyone, I’ll make history with this new forge. Watch N See. Remember this post.

> The possibilities the new Forge World aesthetics and player trait zones offer to Monster Trucks are too numerous to list, but I’m sure you can imagine.

Seriously can’t wait!

Expand upon Chamber Demons, have a chamber with really low gravity, have a reverse setting where the zombies have normal abilities but the humans have massive damage resistance so it just turns the zombies into annoyingly fast attackers for that one chamber, huh the shotgun might have use for once in chamber demons too… or scattershot lol

Im definetly gonna mess around with the area traits…like the OP
IF there is invasion…there are lots of numerous things that you could do to make you do heroic leaps and spec ops missions and full out assualt to make the attacking team feel like heroes