Now that was fun!

I finally hopped onto Halo 4 Infinity War Games last night after taking a short break from the game. I’d had been focusing mostly on Halo: CE Anniversary these last few weeks, but my friend managed to convince me to change gears for a while. I’m grateful too, because I simply had a blast last night!

Judging by the low Spartan levels and some of the questions I overheard over the voice chat, I noticed that there were quite a few new gamers on board since I was last on. I can only assume these are the players that just got Halo 4 for the holidays recently. My friend and I played Big Team Infinity Slayer mostly, so there was a decent mix of experienced players with each new team-up, as well as new players. At any rate, I thought that most of the people I ran into were just great.

Now I did witness some blatant betrayals, as well as some unsporting conduct going on last night, but for the most part, people were very just wonderful combatants and team players. The teams I was assigned to had won a few games and lost a few. But I have to say, I wasn’t too upset with our losses, because the games last night were close games and very challenging. More importantly, I found people were respectful, not trying to pad their stat counts, and just having fun.

So to all those Spartans that I teamed with last night, and especially to those I competed against; I say thank you for a great game. I look forward to doing that again soon.


I am sure that those who will see this thread never played any games with you

> I am sure that those who will see this thread never played any games with you

Yeah, most likely not. Which is a real shame too.

On forums, I easily find myself having things to complain about, especially about behavior that frustrates me. So I suppose that why when there is something positive to say, it’s kinda nice to let them know too (even if they won’t notice).