Now that things are changing what do you think the likelyhood is of a halo mmorpg being revisited

view thoughts and anyone who likes the idea of a more modern halo mmorpg?

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Paraphrasing The Simpsons: “I would kill all the children on a thousand worlds, just to see a Halo Destiny.”


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i think it could work, buuut… it can’t work on other people’s models. I know destiny 2 has gotten better, and the formula is okay, but a Halo mmorpg has to be a HAY LOW mmorpg. Halo first, mmorpg second.

If it was somehow linked to Halo Infinite, that could be pretty cool…

it would just be a 3rd game type like halowars

i would like to reiterate what i said yesterday because it is relevant to this general discussion

well, I can appreciate the motivation to develop a model for sending bipedal humanoid robots with autonomous and VR/omnidirectional treadmill equipment on mmorpg-like quests for Mercs to supplement NATO operations BUT

I really really like halo 3 style campaign though and Destiny titles disinterest me.

lets focus on the things that really matter, like Mark VI Mjolnir VR helmets so we can forge in VR.

edit: if you ask me about future campaign ideas, i think we need plentiful lore about the flood organisms. there has to be more than one planet terraformed entirely by the flood. it probably has its own grave mind. it was probably a forerunner planet at one point, and there was a halo ring built in proximity to this flood consumed planet. this planet was probably very far away from the rest of the universe, or otherwise was caught up in a black hole and was gravity slingshotted much farther away from earth or reach or other forerunner galaxies with their own halo ring installations.

in exploring zeta halo, there is probably forerunner artefacts that the banished ai dug up, but could not decode. then probably the weapon trapped the banished ai and learned more about a forerunner catastrophe in which one of their brethren and sistren constellations were ripped through time and space in a way that slipspace engines of covenant and human design are not yet technologically advanced enough to utilize. zeta halo archaeological artefacts and forerunner lore of black hole catastrophe led to this particular planet and halo ring being consumed entirely by the flood. the outbreak was uncontrolled by the forerunner and the halo ring was too far away to be activated and so it was just left to drift in the universe supra-naturally out of reach of most forerunner resources capable of providing any sort of aid to their lost (and one of their most beloved) homeworld planets.

by the time halo infinite 2 comes around, on zeta halo the unsc fleet is rebuilt eventually to the capacity of being able to project its power onto this flood homeplanet as a demonstration of good will in order to gain the trust of rogue forerunner factions and their treasure trove of artificial intelligence and history of the universe.
all of this revealed through DLC packs in the process of fortifying zeta halo and rebuilding of the unsc and allied covenant fleets.

we need to bring back the flood storyline even if it means halo infinite 2 has to be rated M

then we can have a straight up cinematic movie like campaign for halo infinite 2; 343 only needs to look at halo 3 as the perfection of this style of single player campaign. dont worry about how split screen storylines will accommodate other characters; just make it the regular halo 3 style campaign where if u have an extra player over xbox live or in split screen, they just spawn as master chief, player 2 arbiter, and player 3 could just be a souped-up elite commando on par with the arbiter, and player 4 could just be a gangster–Yoink!- marine odst with backup Mjolnir suit.

i’ll be honest: i never played spartan ops. i never played firefight. i cant handle extra characters and protagonists like emil and locke and… umm.

well i guess some other spartans could have already set up a base at the forerunner planet at the start of halo infinite 2 movie like campaign. by the time chief arrives everything is overrun by the flood. commence halo 3 style campaign with really good levels. level 1, level 2, level 3…

here are the most important things to me in a halo game

-a campaign that is like halo 3’s campaign
-custom games, ctf, koth, assault, oddball, slayer, team slayer, territories, infection, vip, attrition, stockpile, and the cream of the crop.
-matchmaking multiplayer 4v4, big team battle, rumble pit ffa, and silly spawn w/ random items game mode playlists. maybe one extra playlist that is only community made maps and gametypes that are voted into matchmaking which brings me to the next important feature of halo infinite 2
-halo infinite 2 forge with mark vi Mjolnir vr helmets to forge with
-theater mode
-[this list is subject to debate]

just focus on a mad good storyline with like 12 to 15 levels all graphically designed with cinematics. throw in some cool 360 degree video cutscenes in order to accomodate mark vi vr helmets with forge. maybe add some new flying vehicles that have vr interfaces that are sprinkled throughout campaign.

mainly just run and gun with dual wielded smgs and dual weild sentinel beams etc, complete level 1 and the next level is literally the beginning of level 2 forerunner planet that approached a black hole and was overrun by the flood

I would think low and any attempt would be a soulless sham. The leaders job is to recruit top creative talent. But for the past ten years I’ve seen outsourcing to the lowest bidder.

Which is understandable in the current market.

Ideally those who are completely obsessed will create things with forge.

heck. depending on the scripting available, you might see mmorpgs born in forge.

That’s basically how WoW got started.