Now that I hit Field marshal.

I am getting bored. I hate looking at the Cr/Exp bar, it moves so slow and there is nothing worth buying. The weekly/Daily challenges seem like they need a boost and by boost I mean more of them not higher payouts.

Maybe its just me but its getting stale…

I feel like if there was a larger challenge list (More than 5 a day) and a few different Weekly’s, I would play more or If there was 5 challenges for FF, 5 for Campaign, 5 for MM and a weekly for each. I think that would be awesome.

You could argue that Halo never had these things before and that the game play should be reason enough to play but Reach’s game play is constantly changing, Armor lock in/out, Tank removed, kill barriers added, classic play list…Title updates…Everything keeps changing and its not like the game just came out…

I still play Reach more than any other game, I have played casually since Reach came out. I can’t wait for CE Co-op!!

Im an Eclipse halfway to Nova and i do not have your problem. I just love to play Halo’s Matchmaking with my buddies.

<4 <343

Yeah I reached Field Marshall a couple days ago and now I don’t take stuff quite as serious cause there really is no point… Don’t get me wrong I still want to win, but its not as big of a deal.