Now that Halo 4's been updated...

Halo 3 feels… slow. REALLY slow.

I’d love it if Halo 3 got a similar MM update to 110 or even 125% movement speed.

What’s been updated? sorry I don’t play halo 4, I think my bro sold it or something

but nah I can’t complain, yesterday when I played there were like over 9000 ppl on Halo 3 playing, great to see.

I still could care less about the Halo 4 update considering that the enhanced aim assist and bullet magnetism is still present.

Halo 3 indeed feels slow but since Halo 4’s Team Slayer became unplayable on split screen (-Yoinking!- Forge maps), Halo 3 is my game of choice. Sure, playing 4v2 on maps like Last Resort or Valhalla clearly shows why sprint is a good idea, but apart from that I’m choosing slow Halo 3 Team Slayer over Halo 4 Team Slayer Pro any day…

…and I love Halo 4’s Infinity Slayer.

I dunno, I went from playing Halo 3 for a good few hours tonight then jumped on Halo 4 and adapted quite fine. I don’t really see a speed difference in terms of Halo 3 with no sprint being super slow, the action is still insane especially in BTB I barely have time to reload I am popping so many heashots off. In Halo 3 the no sprint allows you to truly trap enemies and catch them off guard with no escape with in turn adds up to racking up a ton of kills.

I thought someone proved that the movement speed in H3 and H4 was the same? Either way, its not the speed thats the problem, its the gameplay. Halo 4 felt slower because of its gameplay. Sprint > bigger maps > longer distances > what feels like slower movement.


halo 4? you mean the game that doesn’t take much skill to play due to the ridiculous aim assist and bullet magnetism?