Now that alt fire modes are a thing, hopes?

Simple topic what are your hopes for weapons and alt fires in the future of halo infinite now that they are a thing? Bellow are my two ideas based on some old games I have played, Yes one is based on CoD.

Ma5 /w 40mm
Information: A standard Ma5 with an anti personal secondary attachment in this case a m301 grenade launcher. Unlike the stand alone launcher this GL fires only 40mm dumb rounds which are impact detonation and blast.
Gameplay: is a standard on map weapon, its general function is to fire a grenade then use your gun to kill the target, good at dealing with groups in CQC situations.
Training: in training it will focus on grouped up enemies though its TTK is slower then using a shotgun for dealing with them.
Niche: Opening burst damage good for team matches, also allows a bit more explosives in the field

swords Plasma incinerator
Information: Do to worries about the flood returning The swords have designed and created several plasma flamethrowers using UNSC design principles combined with their own. The is a medium range flamethrower (max range is two warthogs in length, with an alternative mode that launchers plasma in an arc leaving pools of burning flame. (think of it as launching none EMP plasma pistol shots that have a small splash.)
gameplay: is area denial, in its primary form it is a good close range weapon, while its secondary mode allows for medium range path restriction.
Niche: Do what halo 3 failed at with its flamethrower, -Yoink!- do a video game flamethrower right, they have a medium range in gameplay and are mostly fear. In the case of games a DoT constant that can stop your shields is enough.

You beat me to the grenade launcher idea!

An AR with a grenade launcher sounds familiar… :wink:

Well it is a common item in FPS games, An automatic with an explosive finish or opener is always fun to use.

Each weapon has its own unlocks for finishers on assassination

got another idea specificly one that could be a rework of the focus rifle.

Focus rifle
info: A covenant “sniper” though calling it a sniper is more of a misnomer as it acts as a long range suppression weapon with the ability to do pin point damage. In its primary mode it fires a low damage beam that takes about 5 seconds to kill a target at medium range and about 15 seconds to overheat. In its alternate mode (prongs hover like the over heated animation in reach.) in this mode it can kill a target in 1 second similar to the binary rifle, but over heats after 1.5 seconds of fire. In both modes firing to overheat costs 10% of the batteries power.

Hmm, anyone else have ideas or hopes?