[Now recruiting] The Terminus Dominion

Are you looking to join a Epic gaming Clan / Community , Look no further Check out The Terminus Dominion. The group was founded by Lord Megatron 7 in 2006. To join we prefer you be 18+ with a mic. What do we plan to achieve? Our goal for this community, OUR community is to build somewhere everyone will feel welcome and safe to build bonds that go beyond simply gaming together. The number of names on a page will never be our goal but the voices behind them, these voices, and these people are our goal. The leadership of Dominion will always be dedicated to their members and the community as a whole. We play a ton of Halo along with several other games on the Xbox One, We always have room for promotions, So what are you waiting for?

Message: myself, (TD Tankor 7) , or (TD Vos 7) on Xbox for an invite to our discord and games!
We look forward to meeting you all.

Lord Tarn 7
Terminus Dominion,
Lord Emissary