Fireteam Gamma Alpha Beta is comprised of the top SPARTAN-IV that model to be the same as the SPARTAN-II. Thoe Governed by UNSC Office of Navel Intelligence (ONI), GAMMA ALPHA BETA (GAB) are mostly a self-sufficient outfit that works with UNSC Fleet Command (FLEETCOM), trained in Special Weapons And Tactics in Space (SWATS). Each member well capable of being on there own and getting what ever task need completed, GAB Spartans tend to work in small groups and at time under a large outfit ready and mobile. GAB are expert trained SPARTANS in planet side infiltration and exfiltration, setting up and running multiple ground, sea and air operations, but a GAB SPARTANS are most known for are the Zero-G combat and stealth operations.

GAMMA ALPHA BETA is now in open recruitment. Please feel free to apply to the roster. If working in a team environment to have fun by accomplishing the task at hand look no further. We are an open group that has only one rule work as a team. Just because your a sniper and your physically by yourself in the back does not mean that you don’t have a team watching your back. You can be new to halo or a vet from the first rebel rebellion, we are all here to have fun and a little competition. Think of a call sign because that will be you name in the company. We hope to see you on ship ready for the drop. SPARTINS don’t use Drop Pods they jump feet first.