Now Recruiting + Accepting Clan Battles

Hello everyone my GT is Z1kz and I’m part of the clan named Team Barays. We are now recruiting more members as of now, which will be for a limited time only. We are also accepting every clan battle that is being offered to us (contact me on xbox to set up a time). If you want to join a fun competitive clan that is active, message me. Thanks!

Hey Z1ks, Why don’t you get Team Berays set up on The Nexus. It’s a clan community hub which will not only help you set up clan battles, but will keep track of them too. We’ll keep a record of your stats thanks to our Stat Tracker and you can compare them to other clans on our site. Thanks to the fact that we are an independent organisation, no one will question their accuracy. You’ll also be able to track you’re clans progress through our Divisions and be able to take part in future Leagues and Tournaments.

Feel free to give it a look over at
If you have any questions or need any help, ask away.