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Need some members for our final stretch headed for the helmet of Achilles. We are looking for halo fans and warzone grinders. We require a high level and diamond or higher to join so pleas be sure to check. Can always put in an app never know we need 15 members now folks! When people got armor they left and forgot the helmet so now we have room :slight_smile: once full agaIn we lock roster. Thanks!
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Hmmm I’d like to join if only I wasn’t kicked for being offline for one day with a fussing child.

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Unfortunately you were never on chat with the team sir and always had excuses even gave it to you for free still now you bash? So you saying folks grinding 2-3 months vs your 12 games your wroth more? How’s that even fair if ask me should be hugging me. Not bugging people. It’s pathetic.

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> Hmmm I’d like to join if only I wasn’t kicked for being offline for one day with a fussing child.

Not to mention I still gave it to you for free you played maybe 12 games… Smart comment. You play 3 hours for armor, we play 3 months. Seems fair :slight_smile: so your welcome for the free armor lol also don’t be a bottom feeder I see the recruit post also sir it’s sad. Stop making excuses, if your not active that’s fine yikes using your child in all your posts as an excuse it’s pathetic, since whoever checks these doesn’t suspend children like you I recommend a new hobby. If always complaining about family put your Xbox down and be with them. No one forces you to play halo.

Excuse me? I was on on Thursday and Friday. go look at my game history. Ask yuki or panda if i was chatting while playing. After everyone got offline Panda and I kept playing. Who cares about total hours played? Some of use aren’t 27 year old retiries and can play all day on 4 accounts. my bad. I was active on discord even apologizing for saying I would be on and then something popped up. Sorry life got in the way my bad. 3 hours my happy -Yoink-, I was in it with you guys for the long haul. That’s why I asked to join. Didn’t want -Yoink- for free wanted to join a clan with people to play with and help get achilles.

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lol waypoint was made for drama this is a joke. A child claiming to have one. Lol

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Love how much support we get for using these even though we’re forced too. Peace kid