Ok so im pretty sure about 99% of you all have seen the leaked GameInformer scans on the halo 4 article , now I was hoping we could kinda get some answers here or just to converse, from they way the gameplay is like or just down to cosmetic things, like why is the new elite so unprotected (no armor on the forearms ect, same goes with chief why is his armor so skimpy?), or singleplayer views, comments, speculation ect… Anyway speculation or known knowledge, feel free to share.

Well… as for the Elites…

…You’ve played Gears 3 right?

Ya I know, i kinda get it, they might be disbanded and broken apart, but that dosent really leave much reason for that, it really dosent make them look cooler in my opinion. I mean for gods sake its gonna make the elites feel really wierd over the course of the new trilogy.

The military aspect of the covenant was cut off from the prophets/engineers that provided all their equipment/weapons/etc.

They simply have no access to military anything anymore. It makes sense in my opinion.

However, I am surprised the grunts still have methane/functional suits. >_>

Edit: Also, it’s completely possible there will be elites in the campaign with fully functional/upgraded armor. We’ll just have to wait until 343 tells us.

Edit 2: Also surprised the elites are tolerating the lesser races any more. Considering the main reason they did was because of the prophets, whom are now gone. Plus the already stated draw on resources the grunts demand simply to breathe… Kig-yar make sense, out of all the military species in the covenant the jackals would be able to continue existing easily without the prophets. It would be wise of the Elites to get ships from the kig-yar as well as soldiers.

Well who’s to say the engineers are not with the covenant fleet headed twards the shield world (as described on game informer) also I think the elites could sustain themselves with creation of anything (armor , weapons ect…). It is also odd to me that the elites are your enemy in halo 4, maybe some (most maybe?) elites stayed loyal to the prophets or they just dropped the truce.

The leaked images are old now. The official images have been released. also it’s illegal to take pictures of magazines and post them up on the net. Halo4Follower, you better be listening.

The day I posted the thread and got off the computer, I went downstairs to find the halo 4 gameinformer, I was surprised that it was already here because i though it was going to be the May issue. Then after i realized it was not really “leaked” so, I recall the statement “leaked”, but I had saw it online on a website earlier, not from halo4follower, I went to check and see if he had posted a video on it (which, of course he did). So I was wondering about all the content released, sorry if i infringed any rules.