November's Playlist Update.

We have just had our first playlist update under 343’s direction. It’s biggest addition was the TU Beta Playlist that may stick around for awhile as a sort of testing ground for new gametypes. My question to you is: What kind of changes are you looking for in the next playlist update?? Keep in mind that H:CEA will arrive in November as well. For example a MLG Update? New action sack games?? or maybe some new Community made maps?? Or any other type of playlist update.

Note: In the latest Sparkast LINK they stated that they would try to have the same candance for updates that Bungie had which was monthly.

Ok, I’ll start. I would really like some new maps introduced into Arena. I am not sure if this is possible or not for the November playlist update because the current season won’t be over by then. I hope they might be able to add a few more maps anyway though. The map selection for Arena is pretty poor at the moment.