November - Mythic Tournament Sign ups!

I’ve posted this in my Company forum; but to out reach to more players; I will post here as well.

The date of the first tournament has been announced; here are the details.

Saturday November 14th
5:00pm EST / 9:00pm GMT
FFA - 4 players per match (May deviate)
Map: Truth
15 points
SMG & Pistol Starts

Custom Game Settings
No Radar
Shields at 110%
Health at 90%

Please sign up below and games will be arranged and announced here. Sign ups will be closed on November 11th and this thread will be locked, all posted deleted and the OP will be updated with Rosters. Winners will be announced here on November 16th, and prizes PM’d to the winners.

It is the first tournament so participation may be lax, in the event of that, the player count per game may change & amount of games may change as well.

To sign up simply comment below. Any post on this thread will be considered an interest in participation.

Thank you.

I’ll sign up. My gamer tag is Sidewinder VI. Not sure what other info you may need

I am interested. GamerTag: RadioactiveF0X. Let me know if you need any more info.