"November"/December Update Discussion

I was just there looking for moas and everything seemed fine to me. I’m pretty sure there was always three bodies in there. You used the shade turret to get in?

I wish they’d give the update to speedrunners first. It really seems they don’t even play the campaign after changing things. How do you break it so badly you can only play two levels at a time? And they keep making subtle changes like moving a trigger volume a few feet in Keyes and changing the direction of the banshee in AOTCR. Little bugs that internal QA will miss but are painfully obvious to speedrunners/LASO community and could be fixed before general release.

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They should use speedrunners to doublecheck campaign is as it should be yeah.

It’s insane to me the level of knowledge guys like Garish Goblin have.

I’m not a speedrunner, I just checked by playing normally on Anniversary graphics.