"November"/December Update Discussion

Huge update, rejoining matches is a big plus. Be sure to read the huge changelist here:

What was your favorite part of the update?

Still no updates on:
Easy Anti-Cheat
Ban System Changes (why did these change? glad its fixed)
Double XP Weekends
The Future of Microtransactions
Players Deleting Maps
Press X to “Party Up” feature
Forge Playlist


Praise the rejoin option. Should alleviate a lot of the “crash bans”.


I noticed that they mentioned they fixed the delay with the killing frenzy dialogue being said in Halo 3. Can this also be done to the hammer spree medal in Reach please. It’s minor, but there’s been a delay with it being said since OG days. Also, I’m almost certain that the perfection medal dialogue issue would still be occurring :expressionless:

Is anyone still having issues with the background menu videos not saving too? I really hope that was fixed because there are some really nice backgrounds to choose from and it’s been disappointing not being able to use them since they were released. Especially now too considering they put that beautiful OG MCC background in the mix.


My favourite change is the fixing of some of the chapter titles in Halo CE so they have a fade-in now.


Eight years later since the initial launch of MCC, and we finally get Resistor, Recharge and Survivor loadout options for Halo 4. Never thought I would see the day.

However, a related point that has still not made it into H4 MCC is as follows. When making a Halo 4 Custom gametype that uses pre-selected Game Loadouts (General Settings > Game Loadouts), the following options are not selectable:

Tactical Packages

Support Upgrades:
-Drop Recon

Another thing that I just recently remembered too from the 360 version of H4 was the ability to modify your Personal Loadouts mid match from the Start menu (for multiplayer at least, not sure about Spartan Ops).


Just started playing for the first time post-update. My little rank emblem is bronze, there’s a constant loading circle in my lower-right screen, and when I bring up the menu, “Catalog”, “Exchange”, “Challenge Hub”, “Customization”, and “Player ID” are all grayed out and unselectable…

(Cannot find the Edit Post button)

Never mind, everything’s fine now.

With Steam Workshop and the rest of the Mod Tools coming in I’m assuming that there will eventually be tons of mods to play around with on MCC. So, my question is can we party up with friends and/or other players with Easy Anti-Cheat disabled? Cause if we can’t, then that’s a bummer because I would love to be able to play a campaign overhaul mod like Halo 3 Mythic with some friends. I do this with a Resident Evil mod in Left 4 Dead 2 with a friend of mine and it was loads of fun.

With mod support finally on Steam I wanna see a mod shop in-game for console players. Disable matchmaking and achievements when mods are enabled and create a button that we can just switch them on and off.

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I think this answers my earlier question.

“the player CANNOT play campaign co-op over Xbox Live”

I’m not sure if this is also applicable to Steam, but considering that progress earned on a Steam Account is also tracked on the Xbox account (depending on if they’re linked), I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it is.

Which, again, is a bummer. I saw that Halo “Combat Revolved” mod on Stream earlier in the afternoon. It looked awesome and I’d figured it’d be something I would want to play with a friend.

Loved expanding the standard colours to other cores.
Absolutely amazing with custom games browser, as a Halo content creator this was a game changer for me.

Wrong forum this is the MCC.

If you were booted from the match (for betraying teammates, for example*—not that you would do such a thing, right??),* you will not be allowed to rejoin and you will immediately receive a matchmaking ban. In all other cases, you’ll have until the match ends to rejoin to avoid a ban. We’ve made some other improvements to matchmaking bans as well. Only the first half of players to quit from a team will receive a ban (except in the betrayal boot case above). This now appropriately takes into account players who “dodged” the match by quitting during the loading screen.

If I understand correctly even if the match starts in 2v4 both remaining players will now be able to quit ban free.

Sorry, I should have been more specific in my wording - I was looking for some transparency on how this randomly changed a few weeks ago. I’m glad its resolved and back to how it was supposed to be, but still odd that it changed in the first place. I’ll amend my original post.

Support answered my ticket regarding the erroneously applied quit bans two days ago and said that a “backend update was applied” to correct this issue. So my best guess is that it was completely unintentional and may have possibly occurred during some sort of testing for this new system we got in the update.

I’m really happy for the rejoin feature. Game crashing and getting a quit ban was one of the most annoying things.

The various bug fixes are also really nice. I was holding out hope for an option to disable the post-match lineup and a fix to the backgrounds resetting, so a tad disappointed there. Hopefully we’ll see something in the future, though neither are the end of the world I suppose.

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Video Backrounds still don’t save. H2A still has flickering textures/pop in. Try the level The Arbiter

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  1. Rejoin by a longshot (should be standard in all mp games)

  2. Mod support

  3. Missing H4 content > everything in the Exchange

Performance is still bad sometimes and there are still coop crashes that shut down the game.

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Oof. Thank you for this reminder, cant believe I left Co-Op crashes off of my list.

343 if you ever read this - please fix functionality before introducing new features. A castle built on a sand foundation will sink.

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Excellent update and I’m stoked MCC will be supported beyond this year - which as we all know is necessary as there’s still a lot more to be done.

Really happy with the change of leadership and the Pub Team. Feeling positive about the future of Halo again!

These are some things I want implemented A.S.A.P. Bug fixes and restorative changes are always priority A1 and they’re probably all known. I won’t mention cosmetics as I’ll assume they’ve got everything lined up for the exchange already:

  1. Replace that god forsaken janky drawing ‘Compose Your Match’ banner. Please! Why do I seem to be the only one bothered by this? Lol.

  2. Add every single legacy menu background, loading screen and trailer to the background selection pool.

  3. Return ‘Party Up’ and ‘Veto’(not voting). Along with a long overdue curation of maps and gametypes seen in matchmaking. I never want to play Swatnums ever again. I actually like Waterfall and Icebox but the weighting is way OTT.

  4. Customizable HUD sections especially scalable crosshair.

  5. Individual offsets for every weapon in every title.

  6. Headhunter & Escalation added to H3.

  7. Double EXP weekends and holidays.

  8. Make available physical storage space the only file limit.

  9. Return the Theater functions to make Clips and take Screenshots, which you should be able to use as Avatars or Thumbnails.

  10. Skull for every title that makes the campaign player characters their MP Spartan or Elite(for Arbiter levels in H2).

  11. Fix and revamp the metagame and leaderboards. Add leaderboards for Firefight and also Campaign Playlists(which should have their enemies, allies, weapons, vehicles, grenades & equipment remixed).

  12. Button mapping.

  13. An as huge as possible overhaul to H3 Forge. Increased object limit. More features. Way more objects to choose from particularly terrain chunks and flora.

  14. Setup a process of mod submission/selection for official MCC implementation for PC & Xbox. At the very least maps and cosmetics.


Guys, now we can see the eviscerated Elite with the ‘scrambled insides’ from Halo CE Anniversary - when discovering the Flood, after the Jenkins cutscene.
It has moved, and now there are two bodies in the Flood room!

/jk it’s probably a new bug

PS. Blood decals seem to be bugged as well there

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