Novels as Inspiration for games?

Would anyone else love to see some of the Lore be put into game form?
Personally I would love to play a game where you get to be individual members of the Spartan teams. Like it would be so cool to play a game as Linda and be a stealthy sniper the whole time, or as Kat or Kelly and use espionage or agility to beat missions. Or as Kurt while training and fighting with the S3s. Or get to be Gray team as they complete operation sunspear. Or we could play as Johnson and Baryne when they make first contact on Harvest. Or play a space battle style Halo game as captain/commander keyes. There is so much good story in the books that could be inspiration for games. I think 343 misses big opportunities by not following up on some of the coolest parts of Halo lore.
Anyone else think that would be awesome?