Nov 4th GameStop Text

How many of your who pre-ordered from GameStop received a text message on Nov 4th indicating that your copy of Halo 4 will be available at 12:01 on Tue?

NOTE: Party at my local GameStop starts at 10pm…

I did, getting there at 9pm instead of 10 though.

yeah i got it it also sad something about a lunch event for some game coming out today

Can I show up later than 10? I’m wanting to go at about 11:30

Yeah, Gonna arrive at 11pm though cause I’m impatient and don’t wanna sit there for 2 hours staring at their copies of Halo 4 waiting for the clock to strike midnight.

9am here in Alaska and there are already 20 people in line in front of Fred Meyers.

People are seriously already lining up? I’ll probably we like one of five people that go tonight in my town.