Noticed something from Terminals video

I just saw the Terminals sneak peak video, and accidentally noticed something strange (at least for me)!

from 0:51 to 0:53, when it showed the Halo monitors, I noticed they’re just six (I captured the scene too, here) ! well, as far as I know each Halo has a monitor (I assume even one of them has two), so there must be at least seven monitors here, but they’re just six and that’s a little unclear to me whether It has a hidden point or not.

did anyone noticed that before and know what’s the story?

In that scene you might be Guilty Spark in first person view. Just a guess, I have seen others give. I don’t know, have to wait and see I guess.

It doesn’t look like 2401 Penitent Tangent is there.

the monitor from 05 isnt in that picture. possibly a hint at when the flood took over that halo?

Maybe his absence will be explained.