Notice Messages

Been getting so many fixed messages trying to join a game in any mode this morning.

Unable to connect to the halo infinite lobby service

An error occurred while searching for players


I am on gig internet. Currently at 947 Mbps DL / 40 Mbps UL.

Unplugged both the modem and wifi modem (spectrum hardware) for an hour. I am Hardwire btw.

Restarted the PC.

Haven’t seen anything posted about this and seeing if anyone else is running into this or knows a solution.

What are your NAT settings set to? On Windows it should be under the advanced options for your Wi-Fi, under network discovery.

Sometimes routers do weird and wonderful things with ports and it restricts your NAT for seemingly no reason (I had the same problem last week).

On Windows 11 Peo. Had to download Xbox Companion App but
Nat type is Open.

It’s the servers, not your internet.

I’ve had the same issue but only when searching Big Team Battle playlist.

They are hoping to have a hotfix for this issue sometime next week .