Nothing is more fun in BTB than a team tank assault

Literally had about two games where a tank spawns in CTF and it just feels GREAT when a team understands that a tank is pushing and they can push with it. How much cover it gives as a siege vehicle is so great, but I do understand that its kind of unstoppable without EMP or vehicle shread weapons.

Maybe instead of EMP weapons or artillery weapons, there should be more standard vehicle-based damage weapons like Halo 5 did with promethean attachments in Warzone. Maybe they can turn the standard fire for the Ravager anti-vehicle like they do with the hydra.

Nothings more Unbalanced in BTB when one side gets Commando Spawns & no Tank spawns during the end of the match & the opposing gets Battle Rifles & Tanks early on


The game that made me post this thread was a one sided Commando spawn and I had the Commando and enemy team vise versa. They even had the tank first. But I rock with the commando’s skill gap and our tank spawned seconds after we destroyed their failed assault… which I was also in our tank…

So I won that unbalanced match

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Tanks are easy to kill.

Option 1: All vehicles have weak points. Shoot the treads so it can’t drive, and shoot the door off the cockpit and shoot the driver in the head. Feel free to steal the Scorpion, knowing full well that you can’t drive it and you’re exposed for headshots, but if you’re willing to risk it, you can still shoot.

Option 2: Bum rush the tank. Sprint, slide, grapple, or thrust at it. Grab onto the Scorpion, punch it roughly 6 times, or put a grenade in it, to blow it up. Fastest way to kill tanks.

For Wraiths, shoot the energy core in the back of it, or shoot the wings off of it so it can only aim at the sky. All vehicles have weak points. Destroy them. People always say vehicles are hard to kill, because nobody knows about the weak points.

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Good tips challenging against a good vehicle driver

Option 1: I position the tank at siege distance. So I have good view of taking out enemies popping out of cover. I push up when I feel less threatened or when my team moves. I play the vehicle as a focus. I may still be shot, but it risks the enemy more to try, lasting longer.

Option 2: Hug walls, they try to get on, shoot the wall. Its damaging to your vehicles too but its a sacrifice.

For wraiths bruh… Ignore any wraith you see, they aren’t squat

Always this. Windshield wiper for days. I got a 14 streak including 4 windshield wipers with a tank on Deadlock by the cave, because I was between the cave to my left and a rock to my right, shooting at the enemy flag defenders, shooting the cave or rock to get enemies off of my tank