Nothing is loading

I can’t launch Campaign, Multiplayer, Forge, Training, Battle Pass still Loading & Friend List still loading, what a great update


Same here, and I can’t quit the game properly anymore, no matter how many time I press the Quit button on the menu, it won’t quit, and as long as it is this way, I can’t open any other game. I have to Hard Reset my console everytime I launch Halo now. This is a disaster and they closed my topic explaining what is happening.


Make sure you guys installed the update. it was 11.9gb on my XSX.

After the 12th reset I’ve pretty much chose the other option to reinstall the game. If the same issues still persist then honestly it’s MCC & MW2 for the time being I’m not wasting my time trying to get it to work


Yeah, definitely having loading issues, so just not playing Halo until it’s fixed. Xbox is looking into the loading issues that the Winter Update may have caused. Saw it on an xbox subreddit.

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Ah it’s a known issue, well thanks for that bit of info guess I’ll be playing some AC: Revelations in the meantime it gets fixed

I am also getting this. I have to hard reset my console to fix the issue.

Same exact thing is happening to me on my series s. Already uninstalled

I have the same problem this ruins everything for me i cant quit i cant play any other game i cant see my friends