Nothing but a Caster

UNSC Marine Database (USER NOT FOUND!)
File Entry 10050099
Flight Sergeant Erica O’Grady
Mission Report on ************ (Classified Location) *********(Date Classified)

Our pelican was toasted by surface-to-air fire. We left it for scrap; took what we needed of any salvage that remained.

After two days we arrived on mission site. Our mystery target was inside a ruined Forerunner structure we deemed “the Castle”. We were supposed to find some kind of Forerunner artifact. I don’t know. We never found it.
The carnage that surrounded the Castle was unparalleled! It looked like the Covenant forces in the area had built some type of mobile wall weapons–hovering walls that shot thousands of needlers repeatedly. Flood remains and Covenant bodies lined the battlefield around the Castle. Command told us to proceed with the objective.

We figured out those Covenant wall machines were made to fight Flood infection forms. Apparently, the Covenant had opened the Castle–like the Flood were locked inside. I asked ********(Rank and Name classified) why the Spartans weren’t helping us. *********(Rank and Name classified) explained I wasn’t supposed to ask that. I was told to shut up.

It was odd.
At first, we didn’t think the Covenant that shot us down were manning those guns. We thought the SAMs had been auto-controlled. But, we were ambushed by multiple waves of Flood infection forms. Since the Covenant were no longer in the mission area (and, the Covies battle net had gone silent since we arrived) we assumed the Covenant had retreated. We had no other explanation.

We lost communications with Command deeper inside the Castle. We found strange Forerunner idols–almost as if the Forerunners had a cult that worshipped…the Flood! It scared me bad. Green mist (Flood gas) enveloped the floor wherever we stepped. The Castle just didn’t have that same feel as other Forerunner structures I’d been inside. I started chatting about this with ***************** (Rank and Name classified). Again, we were told to shut up.

Our squad was ambushed by Flood!
Everyone was dead.
I have no idea how I survived not being infected–that is, until I found out I was ill. When I arrived back at Command, the docs informed me I had a rare blood cancer–killing me slowly; but, I guess that’s why the Flood didn’t wanna bite. The Flood just wanted to kill me; but, they didn’t want to change me. I didn’t feel sick on the mission. They’re (the docs) giving me treatments, now. I felt better when I was on ops.

I survived in the Castle for 9 days. I guess that’s like a cat with nine lives, right? I ran out of bullets on Day 7. I figured out the Flood had been using the SAMs. The Flood shot us down! Anyways, I held up in this strange temple. I found out there were humans working there with AIs. But, they were ONI. I didn’t know really what they were after.

On Day 8, I found a plasma caster in the ONI labs deep inside the Castle. I hijacked the COMs to radio Command. Below the labs were tunnels. It was there that I encountered *************(classified). I didn’t know what it was! But, it was talking to me! It knew about my family–mom and dad back on Earth! This *******(classified) knew I never finished college! I shot it with the plasma caster. And, with nothing but that caster I survived the Castle’s dungeons.
I think I killed it. I don’t know. All I know is that I took the elevator I found to the top of the Castle.
Thank God you guys saw my flare.

End Report