Nothin' Like '07

How i wish i can go back to September 25th, 2007… Days upon days spent on the Pit, Narrows, Guardian… Getting my 50, beating the campaign on legendary… The monkeys in the trees on sierra 117… All the skulls throughout the campaign, as well as the epic halo mission… Boosting griffball/double xp weekends, fun -Yoink- custom games (Fat kid, infection, Halo, etc)… All these things that were what made halo fun… Nothing will be the same, RIP Halo.

As to 343, PLEASE… I ask nicely, add halo 3’s ranking system to the next halo, or even this one… 1-50, same XP system… It was the greatest and will always be.

343 - allow me to recapture my 2007 times. Thanks.

Oh, the warm fuzzy embrace of nostalgia…

Times have changed so I doubt you will be thrust back in to the golden ages of previous Halo titles anytime soon. 343i is pressured to keep their titles inovative. For better or for worse.

Ugh… Spartan Ops…