Note to 343- Forgers--> Incredible Assets to H5

I’ve been following the general discussion threads for a while now, and what I seem to be seeing is that people have an issue with the lack of gametypes that were previously in the franchise; thus the backlash with the news of the new update. (Even from ReadyUpLive) I personally have enjoyed the game immensely, but after playing all the Halo from CE through H4, I can empathize with those who are restless with the seeming inattention to anything but cosmetic items and remixed maps in updates.

One thing I’v noticed recently is the amount of incredibly creative gametypes and maps being put out by forgers.

At this point I’ve seen:

  1. Mongoose/ Warthog sumo minigames
  2. Mini-game where spartans are trying to climb uphill through an avalanche
  3. Classic maps remade from Halo CE through Halo 4 (Spire, Beaver Creek, tons and tons of others)

I’m not a dev, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to utilize creations in a collective playlist? (It’s near impossible to mobilize players into a custom games lobby with bookmarked maps, so a playlist would be crucial)

Before someone says it’s about map testing and balance, I’d contest that balance isn’t quite necessary with all the current competitive/balanced gametypes and maps that are already in H5. Forgers are also testing their own maps. What’s sparked the most outcry is just the lack of content.

Just my two cents, as I understand the game is going to be limited by the console, servers, engine elements. However, if there’s a way to keep a consistent population, an assortment of gametypes and classic maps through forgers might be the easiest way to do it.