Notable Company Delta/ Branch of Luke the Notable

Hello we are look for members that are social and like to play as a team. Our company Notable Comapny Delta is a branch of Luke the Notable. There is a few requirements see below. Also please note that are company already has the Achilles Armor all we have left to achieve is the helmet.
Important! Minimum Participation Rules For Delta
Delta Company has the following minimum participation rules. In short, these are the rules:
You must frequent Halo Waypoint. All company updates are posted their weekly.
You must add all company members to your friends list within two weeks.
Most Importantly, You must play AT LEAST an average of 20 multiplayer games a week
This is how it will work:
On Saturday’s at Midnight, We will record each member’s “Arena and Warzone Games Played” statistic from their profile.
Every 2nd Saturday at Midnight we will re-record each Member’s “Arena and Warzone Games Played” statistic.
Any member who has not increased their games played by 40 within this two week period will be put on probation and receive an email from Company Leadership.
Those on probation will have 1 MORE CHANCE to finish completing the 40 game requirement they missed, plus completing the next 40 games due for the current two week period by the next reporting deadline.
Failure to meet the probation requirement will result in an immediate and permanence nt suspension from Delta Company.
Also if you become inactive for more than 15 days this would also be terms for Automatic Removal.
Example: Let’s take the Month of July. If a player only played 30 games between July the 3rd thru July the 16th they would be put on probation, receive an email from the Leadership, and be required to complete the 10 games they missed, plus the 40 games due for the next two-week period by July 30th at Midnight. Our Company Squad Leaders only record your games beginning on Sunday Morning’s so you have very Minute available to get your games in. Please know that the last thing we want is to have anybody kicked from the company; however, it’s simply not fair to have members who don’t play the game slow down our company’s progress toward the Achilles Armor, only to reap the rewards in the end! The system above gives members an effective 28 days to get in their required 20 games per week average, so as a result there will be NO EXCEPTIONS GIVEN for a failure to meet these minimum requirements.
The List Below will help to clarify what game counts will count towards your 20:
Arena Menu counts towards games played Example: Slayer, Team Arena, Infection, Grifball, Break Out, etc……
Warzone Menu counts towards games played Example: Warzone, Warzone Assault, Warzone Turbo
Please Note that Custom and (“DNF” = Did Not Finish) Games for whatever reason will NOT COUNT towards your 20 games.
Also as part of the company we want you to be active in Company Game Nights which we hold every two weeks. This is a great chance for us to get to know you.
If you believe that you cannot meet the Minimum requirements or if Halo is not a game you play the most then this company is not for you. If you would still like to join, Message us back and we will review your request to join Notable Company Delta.
Thank You