Not too late to change customization!

One thing I have always loved about the halo games was the individuality of my Spartan. How I can customize him how I want to fit how I would love him to look. Reach was the best. Each armor piece. (That robot arm was the best thing ever).

Its not not too late to change it 343 I have faith you’ll bring halo 5 and future ones back to glory. I’m loving halo 5 so far but there’s a few things I wish it had changed and on top of the list is the armor customization. I’d get this if it were 2007. But it’s not. Reach had better customization. I mean don’t get me wrong there LOADS of new armor it’s just… It’s helmet or armor basically.

Please find it it in ur hearts to separate armor up it would be great! You wouldn’t even have to change the REQ rewards they could still unlock the body and we could switch the pieces around to suit our needs.

please give it some thought. It would mean the world to me.

anyone else have any constructive bits to add?

emblems kinda got me down too. They look just like Destinys name plates. And the color palette choosing kinda sucks. That could be changed as well hahah.