Not to be pessimistic...

Hi all,

Just jumped ship from the Bungie forums. After reading some forum posts about Pelicans and Scarabs being in MM, I stopped to think in what context they could possibly be there. Would it be awesome? Decisively! Would it make any sense whatsoever in context of where those vehicles come from? No. I think you’ll see forerunner/precursor vehicles with similarities to the current line up.


First of all, welcome to the Halo Waypoint forums!

2nd: just FYI, there is a seperate section for any “Multiplayer” related discussion. No problem at all, just don’t be surprised if one of the admins moves this from the “general discussion” area into the multiplayer area.

Finally, I agree that a lot of wild ideas like scarabs in matchmaking might sound cool, but would likely not be practical. However, I also like to keep an open mind until I get to try it myself. It is totally possible that the Halo 4 game designers could come up with a fun multiplayer gamemode that involves scarabs or pelicans, etc.