Not sure if anyone else has noticed this yet.

… but the Chief is not left handed.

So given the fact that in the image released the Spartan in the Mk. 6 armor appears left-handed, there may be two possible conclusions we can draw from it at this time:

1./ It’s the reflection of the Chief (the reflection is bilaterally asymmetric, thus he appears left-handed)
2./ That’s not the Chief in the Mk. 6 armor

Either conclusion poses many other questions that could be speculated about. Top of those questions in my mind are:

  • if that is the Chief’s reflection, does that mean the spartan above is also the Chief somehow?, and/or
  • if that isn’t the Chief, who else can possibly be wearing that Mk. 6 armor that’s left-handed and still alive at this point in the story?

Interesting though

But I’m not left handed but I still sometimes hold stuff with it, Like a lot of people do.

He’s just holding the weapon and not firing it so, Is that proof enough that the bottom ( character/chief ) is left handed ?

True - there is the option that this is just a mistake.

Generally speaking, promo art is technically non-canon so it could definitely just be a screw up and it means absolutely nothing… but still that’s a pretty big screw up, and even less likely since 343i hasn’t ever really screwed this up before to my knowledge…

example: promo image for halo 4

I think you’re reading into this a bit much. Its likely just artistic freedom.

The character is confirmed to be a new one.
The character is confirmed male.

Go from there.

hmmmm possibly just to make him look like a reflection of the oni agent

orrr it could be some thing as simple as the artist just flipped the image after finishing it?

Sorry to say but it has already been noticed somewhere in the huge thread I think.

Anyways- it’s just supposed to be a reflection of the ONI agent, ONI spartan, male mysterious character etc.

If you look closely you can see ripples suggesting that it’s water (or at least something similar), that’s what is causing the reflection.

It could be Master Chief’s “replacement”. Remember how in the beginning of Halo 4 the interrogator was thinking of replacing him?

Plus I just think it would be cool if he was hunting Master Chief throughout the game

The chief’s damage and brail number would be on opposite sides if it were a reflection.

All that, and more, being discussed here: