Not sure how i feel

You know i find myself quite torn over this game. Some of it feels great and some if it just feels utterly wrong in so many ways. Being honest with myself if this game didnt say halo anywhere on it id probably think its a damn fine game. But it does say Halo, and i remember halo quite differently than what i am seeing. Its weird but halo 4 feels more halo than 5 currently and i don’t even like 4. The only changes i think would actually make me want to buy this game at the moment.

Sprint : Get rid of it and up the base player movement

Smart scope : it feels clunky and makes it harder for me to be precise, and not every weapon should have a zoom either.

Kill times : Utterly too fast, i miss the days of working for a kill not just getting the drop on someone and wrecking them.

Clamber : to be honest i really really dont know, it feels good it really does, but i miss skill jumps as well. im in the middle on this one

Weapon design : i know it doesnt have anything to do with gameplay, but why is every gun suddenly so different looking honestly

Sound effects : some sounds should never be changed, shield sounds for example

Things i like

The ranking system : its worked perfectly for me so far, after i was placed in gold i worked my way into onyx tier. once in onyx i seem to always go pretty much even on kills meaning im playing people my skill level

Thrusters: it adds a very useful type of movement to the game that doesnt ruin halos flow in any way

Weapon balance : its damn near perfect sans the ar, but removing automatic weapon smart scope would probably fix it