Not Recieving Permanent Unlocks

Hello I was wondering if maybe 343 could reply to this or another player by since the launch of daily win packs I have barely received any permanent unlocks in my daily win packs. I know I still have a lot of rares yet to unlock so 2 should show up in the pack since there is still rare stuff to unlock. I only receive random one time use weapons and boosts as well as an once in a while a 200 point req card. I should have a lot more permanent unlocks since these are the same as a silver pack yet I’m not.The daily packs even say that there will be 2 unlocks available( if rares etc are still not unlocked yet) and Its disappointing to see just stuff that I would find in a bronze pack. Anyone else have these issues? If 343 is reading can you please correct this for me? Thanks!