Not Recieving cR

Usually I earn 30,000 cR a day, but recently I earned over 90,000 cR and now I am not earning anymore when I finish a game or kill a enemy. It has not informed me that I hit the cR limit of the day or that I have been banned for cheating, not that I have cheated. When I went in a game and killed an enemy on Campaign it said, +2 cR and added the credits on my start menu, but when I ended the game it said +2 cR for commendations and it took off the credits that I earned in the campaign game and also didn’t give me any cR. I have not cheated or got informed that I have done something wrong. Now what?

For some reason, it doesn’t notify you when you hit the cap anymore.

as well as stops your commindation progress after you hit the CR cap