Not Receving Helioskill

I just got Halo 5 a few days ago and the day before I got Halo 5 I completed all campaigns ( not ODST ) on Legendary on MCC. Also got the “Legend” Achievement.
When I got on Halo 5 for the first time and I went to check, It was not there. So I said " It will pop up in a few days ".
It has been 5 days and I have tried everything to solve this but no luck.
My Stats on Legendary if you want to check:
If anyone has a concrete solution, Please tell me.
Thank you for reading this.

Boot up MCC, change your emblem, armor, something, and then save/quit. This should update your MCC stats on the Halo Channel. After that, go back to Halo 5 and see if Helioskrill is there.

I did that but it did not work?

Hm. Try booting up the Halo Channel app. Maybe that will refresh it. If that doesn’t work then maybe try completing the Halo 4 mission Shutdown on Legendary single player.

Tried both no luck :frowning: