Not Receiving the Sol Emblem From 2nd Test Flight - Help

So I participated in the second halo infinite test flight, but I didn’t receive the code for the sol emblem on halo waypoint nor email. I participated in all ten matches required for it. Should I contact support about this issue, or am I out of luck. Thank you in advance, and thank you for taking the time to look over my issue. Have a great rest of your day!


What’s the name for it? I don’t think I got it either

I’m fairly sure it’s called the, “Sol Testing Grounds.”

I just check, I do have it. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t have gotten yours, hopefully they can fix that for you

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Did you receive a code for it, or was it just there? If others are getting it without issue then I should probably contact support.

I also didn’t get it. Have you already tried contacting support?

I got mine automatically. I didn’t reveive any code that I had to redeem or anything, it was just… there.

Did you play enough games? As think you had to play x amount to get it

I don’t played much on the second flight but I remember It were at least 10 games. On the other hand I played A LOT during the first flight.

I summitted a ticket yesterday so I’m now waiting to see if they respond. I’ll let you all know if they get back to me.

Did you complete 10 full games during the second flight? that was the prerequisite

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Yeah, I played my 10 games, and more. I played a decent amount of games during the second flight.

Did you get a response?

As of right now, I haven’t. I’m still waiting for a response, sorry.

Any news on your request?

Wait, we were supposed to get stuff for playing in the flights?? I played 20+ games in both flights and didn’t get jack

Yeah support is the way to go in this one

sorry everyone. they have yet to respond. it’s been 10 days since i submitted my ticket, so i’m losing confidence on it getting fixed for me or for others. but still, i keep checking daily if they respond or not so i can let everyone else here know if it does get fixed.

so i finally got an email from support and it’s disappointing to say the least. to sum it all up they basically said they can’t help me with my issue and they cannot guarantee any resolve to the issue. so unfortunately it seems i won’t be getting the emblem i worked for. that’s really disappointing but i understand, 343 have bigger issues to deal with. well, thank you all for your time. have a wonderful rest of your day!

same though [20 characters]